Full Name
Arlen Orchard
Job Title
CMC Board Chair
California Mobility Center
Speaker Bio
Arlen was previously Chief Executive Officer & General Manager of SMUD until his retirement in October 2020. He has also previously served on the Alliance to Save Energy 50X50 Transportation Commission which was charged with envisioning regulatory, policy, infrastructure and investment pathways to advance clean transportation transformation.

Arlen Orchard is a retired Chief Executive Officer & General Manager of SMUD. As CEO, he led the sixth largest community-owned electric utility in the nation. Mr. Orchard became CEO in 2014, after serving as SMUD’s General Counsel since 2001. Mr. Orchard serves as the President of the California Municipal Utilities Association; on the board of directors and executive committee of the Large Public Power Council; and on the board of directors of the American Public Power Association. He serves on the boards of directors of numerous Sacramento nonprofit and economic development organizations, including the Greater Sacramento Economic Council and Valley Vision.
Arlen Orchard